Supporting the Foundation

The Diamond Way Buddhism Foundation is a recognized non-profit organization and is very pleased when it receives any assistance or donations. It is possible to sponsor projects, such as the Europe Center, directly. You can also support the work generally via donations to the main account or by arranging for additional donations, by which you increase the foundation's core assets. This is also possible via transferring property or last will and testaments. Whichever form of support you choose, we will gladly assist you.

Last Will and Testaments

Supporting the Foundation after One's Lifetime

Whoever would like to support the Buddhist work after his/her lifetime can also consider including the non-profit foundation in his/her last will and testament. In this way, one ensures that his/her wealth will be utilized for the lasting and sustainable benefit of Buddhist projects.

Whoever considers this option can make it possible via his/her last will and testament or in the form of a testamentary decree (bequest). For further information, please contact Jan Weber directly via e-mail:

of the Karma Kagyu Lineage