Lama Ole visited Kossin

Lama Ole Nydahl visiting the retreat center in Kossin

Kossin – Lama Ole Nydahl and Caty Hartung of the Foundation visited the meditation retreat center south of Berlin in the tiny village of Kossin.
The meditation hall has been beautifully restored, the sangha house got a new roof and insulation, and new bathrooms are being built. The multipurpose house is used for gatherings, common cooking, and dormitories if there are bigger events.
Lama Ole met the mayor of Kossin and the inhabitants of the village at a common dinner. He also blessed all the land. Lama Ole and Caty were very happy with how well all the renovations are carried out. The center was granted a loan to move on with its further development.

October 1, 2014
of the Karma Kagyu Lineage